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Fruit Cut By Tento

Welcome to the world of Fruit Cut by Tento, a thrilling game where you cut fruits by swiping your finger across the screen! Fruit Cut is a captivating game app that will keep you on the edge of your seat with its addictive visuals and exciting rewards.

Why Fruit Cut?

In Fruit Cut, you’ll find yourself in a frenzy of delicious fruits flying around on the screen. Your mission is simple: cut through these fruits on the screen with precision and skill and collect points. Make your every swipe precise because if you slice through a bomb, it’s game over!

You can rack up points by creating impressive combos by slicing through multiple fruits in one swift motion to earn bonus points or slicing through special fruits.

Fruit Cut by Tento is more than a game– it’s pure enjoyment. A perfect blend of addictive, skill-based gameplay with an exciting competitive edge. Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for a quick challenge or a competitive spirit aiming for a high score, Fruit Cut offers something for everyone.

Ready to take on the fruit-slicing frenzy?

Steps to Download & Install Tento App

How to Play Fruit Cut

Playing Fruit Cut is as easy as slicing a piece of cake (or in this case, fruit). You can become a Fruit Cut master by following these simple steps

Launch the app and slice through the watermelon on the screen to start the game.

Slice through the fruit representing your preferred mode of gameplay.

Swipe your finger across the screen to slice through flying fruits with precision and start scoring.

Score big by creating combos. Slice through multiple fruits, the more fruits you slice through in a single swipe, the more points you’ll earn.

Slice through super fruits or special fruits for added bonuses and buffs.

Look what you cut! You never know when the bomb will come flying, you slice through and it’s game over. Cut with precision and focus to stay in the game.

Features of Fruit Cut

Fruit Cut by Tento is not just your ordinary fruit-slicing game. Here are some of the features that make it a must-play online game:

Compete with yourself and globally for the highest score and leaderboard supremacy.

Slice through multiple fruits in one swipe to create dazzling combos and earn bonus points.

Slice special fruits like Frenzy, freeze, and double points for epic gameplay.

Non-stop action and excitement, keep you coming back for more.

Enjoy stunning visuals and colourful fruit explosions as you play.

Regular updates with new fruits, challenges, and surprises.

Enjoy Fruit Cut anywhere on your computer or mobile device.


Got questions? We’ve got answers

01) Do I get different points for each type of fruit?

No, you earn the same amount of points for every individual fruit you slice. However, you get bonus points for chopping multiple fruits with a single swipe in this fruit game.

02) Is Fruit Cut free to play?

Yes, Fruit Cut is completely free; you can download and play the game through the Tento app for free.

03) Can I play Fruit Cut on my mobile device?

Absolutely! Fruit Cut is available on mobile devices, you can now enjoy & earn wherever you are.

04) Are there regular updates for the game?

Yes, we’re committed to providing a fresh and exciting experience. Expect regular updates with new fruits, challenges, and surprises.

05) Is there a leaderboard to track high scores?

Currently, Fruit Cut features a local leaderboard. Challenge yourself to beat your high score and become a slicing legend.


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