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True False | Real Cash Prize for Your Knowledge

Welcome to “True False,” where you challenge your knowledge and instincts in a quick, fun, and fact-packed quiz game and take home real cash prizes. Can you separate fact from fiction? Test your skills and earn with your ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood.

Why Play True False?

Are you up for a knowledge adventure where you make quick decisions between “true” and “false”? 

Dive into a world of intriguing facts, and enjoy the thrill of challenging your instincts. With each session consisting of four questions, make swift decisions to score points and earn real cash easily. It’s a fast-paced game that tests your ability to discern the accuracy of statements while paying real money for all correct answers.

Steps to Download & Install Tento App

How to Play True False

After logging into the Tento app, you can start playing “True False” by following these quick steps:

After clicking on the True False icon in the Tento app you will be redirected to the game page, where you can select your game slot ( Free / Paid).

When the game starts, you will be presented with a series of statements. Your task is to determine whether each statement is “true” or “false” within a limited timeframe.

If your choice is correct, it will be highlighted in green, if it’s wrong, it will be marked in red.

For each correct answer, you’ll move on to the next statement. Answer all four questions in the session.

Points are awarded for each correct answer. The more you get right, the higher your score climbs. Your combined score will be displayed at the end of the session. 

Features of True False

Discover the exciting features that make “True False” a captivating quiz game:

Test your ability to make quick, accurate decisions between “true” and “false.”

Enjoy a series of statements to evaluate within a short timeframe.

Track your progress with a scoring system that rewards accuracy.

Challenge your knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

Count on regular updates to keep the game fresh, introducing new statements, challenges, and surprises.


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

01) Is there a time limit for answering each statement?

Yes, you must make your decision within a limited timeframe.

02) Can I play "True False" on my mobile device?

Absolutely! “True False” is available for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring you can play on the go. 

03) Is there a leaderboard to track high scores?

Yes, “True False” features a local and personal leaderboard where you can compare your score with previous sessions.

04) Are there any in-app purchases?

Currently, “True False” does not include in-app purchases. Enjoy the game without any additional costs.

05) Is "True False" suitable for all ages?

Yes, “True False” is designed to be enjoyed by players of all ages who want to have fun while testing their instincts and knowledge.


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